Coral Gables Club Amenities

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[00:00:02.73] I definitely feel that it is inside Life Time's DNA to be the best. You can see the passion. You can see the love.

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[00:00:13.45] You drive up to a Life Time and you know, ah, this is going to be pretty interesting. This is going to be pretty cool walking into.

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[00:00:19.51] (SINGING) Oh, my, my, it feels so good, it feels so good, it feels so good.

[00:00:24.46] We are always ahead of the industry. And we're always coming up with something new.

[00:00:29.32] Just that passion, it's all about the way we feel and the way that we move together in class.

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[00:00:34.85] (SINGING) Oh, my, my, doing what I want, going to do my thing. Do my thing. Way up high and taking it low. I'm feeling right. I'm--

[00:00:42.59] What I like to see is connection, fun, laughter, actual enjoyment.

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[00:00:49.00] (SINGING) Are you ready? Ready to go? Are you ready?

[00:00:52.76] Just everything that it has to offer, from kids, to adults, to teens. I love it.

[00:00:57.34] It doesn't feel like a gym. It feels more like a club that you take pride in going to.

[00:01:02.75] You got to be passionate about wanting to help people. If you lead with your heart, I think everything else follows.

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[00:01:08.98] (SINGING) Are you ready?