Dallas Midtown Video

Text: Life Time Living, Dallas MidTown, Texas

Exterior of a 3-story building with floor-to-ceiling windows and beige brick. A sign on the building says Life Time Work

A billboard hangs above the main entrance. It shows a woman wearing black leggings and a pink tank top leaning forward with her hands on her knees and it says, "I can do it all in my lifetime"

The camera floats under an archway in between buildings and enters an area containing a small parking lot, sidewalks, trees, and park with a fountain surrounded by beige and brown condominiums

Interior has a long marble breakfast bar and kitchen area to the left that flows into a dining area and family room. The far wall features large windows.

The bedroom contains a king-size bed, large flat screen television, desk and sitting area and another large window

The bathroom connects to the bedroom and the entryway. There is a large walk-in shower enclosed in glass and a double vanity

Camera floats over the grounds showing an amphitheater, pool, and covered lounge areas

The pool area has 2 large pools surrounded by lounge chairs

There is an area for dining and entertaining

The camera pulls back showing the entire grounds

Text: Life Time, Healthy Way Of Life